Navigating Real Change -Impact of Societal Expectations on Health Goals

Is social media creating the divide between you and your goals?

Embark on the exploration of Blog 2, where we will unravel the Impact of Societal Expectations on our health goals. It’s no secret that the expectations set by society significantly mold the aspirations we hold. Much like the ever-changing landscape of fashion, our health goals can be subtly influenced by what we see on social […]

Breaking Free from the Health Resolution Loop- 4 Part Series

Solutions to making this year different

“Breaking the Cycle – Steps for a fresh start on a NEW year! Welcome to the kickoff of our blog series, “Breaking Free from the Health Resolution Loop.” In this edition, we’re diving into the common struggle we face each new year – setting health goals that feel eerily familiar. Let’s unravel why we find […]

Top 6 Tips for a More Relaxing Holiday 

Upcoming Yoga Event Vero Beach

1. TAKE A BREATH  Start each day by taking a DEEP BREATH. If stressed or feeling overwhelmed then take 60-second breathing breaks. 4 seconds in 6-7 seconds out.  2. BE REALISTIC  We paint unrealistic pictures which leads to unnecessary stress and disappointment when we fall short of our goals or expectations.  3. LEARN TO SAY […]

The BEST Yoga Mat – A Yogi’s Journey

There are not a lot of things I love as MUCH as my yoga mat but finding that perfect mat in itself was a journey. I researched and read through hundreds of reviews and testimonials. I have tried dozens and have storage bin full of “failed” mats. I have often said that my mat is […]


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