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If there is a BUZZ word in the health and fitness world it is HGH.  There are a lot of well known benefits in using Human Grown Hormone (HGH) such as increased anti- aging, strength, energy, stamina, muscle growth and youthfulness. Previously HGH was only available by prescription and administered through injection at a medical facility.  Due to the exorbitant cost and regularity of maintenance needed to maintain HGH treatment it has not been available for the mainstream of consumers.


Recently a Health/ Fitness trainer and dear friend recommended I look into Somaderm a trans-dermal Homeopathic HGH Gel.  I have people approach me regularly to try new products and endorse or evaluate a line or brand they are excited about.  I LOVE to research and will often try new things.  The following are my personal findings/changes and research.

 Somaderm is an enriched Homeopathic dilution of HGH 30 x and is absorbed transdermally (through the skin), making it accessible to a much wider variety of people.   In this homeopathic diluted form trace amounts of the compound are introduced to the body and illicit a healing response.  Because it is transdermal and absorbed through the skin, an inefficient digestive tract will not disrupt the absorption of the compound.  It’s used 5 days on and two days off for the first month or two.  After that reduced regulatory doses are used to maintain levels in the body.

Research is showing new and captivating evidence that in Small homeopathic doses HGH can have very powerful results.  Researches Leon Cass Terry, M.D. and Edmund Chein, M.D. led a study in which participants were injected with small amounts of a high-frequency HGH for six months.  The participants showed notable enhancements in strength, healing, flexibility, energy and vitality.., In “Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH,” Dr. H. A. Davis states “When growth hormone is combined with homeopathic preparation, the results are truly on the leading edge of anti-aging benefits. People taking the homeopathic growth hormone have noticed the same effects as the molecular (injectable) GH.”  


This is a bit more technical but the scientist in me is fascinated by our body’s system so bear with me.  HGH is a polypeptide compound created/stored/released by the cell walls in the Pituitary “Master” Gland.  It’s comprised of 191 amino acids and in children is responsible for their bone, cartilage, muscle development and growth.  The BUILDING BLOCKS or foundation of our structural system is created and repaired by this hormone.

 The best example of why this is crucial to our survival is to look at the foundation of a house.  The house itself is only as strong as your foundation.  You can have an amazing structure, materials and décor but if you have a broken or weak foundation your house will break, wither and eventually crumble.  The homeopathic dose released in the HGH gel helps your body repair damage and relays cellular messages for your body to continue to heal and basically start to “fill the cracks of your foundation.”  Once all the cracks are filled YOUR house will be stronger.

Another factor of HGH is it stimulates the production of IGF-1 protein and raises concentration of glucose and free fatty acid.  HGH is responsible for the regulation of body fluid, composition, muscle and bone growth as well as regulating metabolic rate and heat functions in the body. The Amino Acid composition in HGH is critical for the creation and building of stronger bones, lean muscles and reduction of body fat tissue.


HGH production peaks in are adolescents and decreases as we age.  HGH decreases after the age of 20 and declines approximately 15% every 10 years.  By 60 years of age our HGH is usually less than half what it was accounting for the higher incidence of fatal falls due to brittle bones.

The pituitary gland produces GH (Growth Hormone) also known as SOMATOTROPHIN or HGH in humans.  This peptide hormone is responsible for growth, cell regeneration, cell reproduction and stimulates growth of essentially ALL TISSUES of the body including bone, muscles, organ, hair, skin and nails.

The release of GH secretion occurs following a circadian daily rhythm.  As our sleep and hours of rest are disrupted, so is the natural release and production of our own HGH production. Most adults do not get enough sleep or do not get to bed early enough to be in sync with our bodies natural circadian rhythm.  When our sleep patterns or hours of sleep are disrupted so is our body’s ability to produce HGH causing a further decline in our already depleting levels of HGH.


GH (growth hormone) produced in the brain and circulates through the blood to the liver.  The liver then stimulates the production of IGF-1.  The current research and benefits of IGF-1 are impressive.

Benefits May Include:

  • Increased Energy 
  • Decrease in Pain
  • Improves overall mood – helps level our lows and highs
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle growth and combats muscle wasting disorders
  • Faster healing & antioxidant production
  • Increase mental function and alertness
  • Decrease inflammation and increase healing and overall ability to heal
  • Increase in strength and flexibility
  • Improves skin thickness/tightness
  • Evens skin tones combats acne & other skin issues
  • Improves metabolic function /speeds metabolism
  • Heals/ rebuilds -muscle/cartilage/bone density/liver/kidney/skin growth
  • Speeds healing from  injury/surgery
  • Strengthens Heart Health

Research shows it increases Neurotransmission in the brain – THIS ONE IS AMAZING – Research suggests that IGF-1 promotes nerve cell survival, synaptic maturation and synaptic plasticity. Research is currently being done on HGH and its positive effects for persons suffering with Alzheimer’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder ,ADHD, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders.

 Other benefits have been noted by users but the above list has re searchable and verifiable data backing its noted benefits.

 These results will vary from person to person and the duration in which people will start to see benefits will depend on their overall current health.


I started to notice a difference within the first few weeks of applying the SOMODERM Homeopathic HGH Gel.  I felt a transformative lift in my energy level.  I work 6 days a week and also have an at home job at home outside of teaching.  I drive about 3 hours a day and my teaching schedule will often include 4-5 classes per day.  Most of my days starts around 5 AM and end around 11:30 pm.  I try to get to bed early but find with so much on my plate that does not happen.

Due to over-training/working and lack of sleep I would feel dangerously weak around 1 -2 pm and would have to lie down for a nap.  When I woke up I would still feel weak and exhausted.  I would constantly dream about sleeping (NO JOKE.)   I was, as a result, losing a LOT of muscle tone because I was teaching so much and OVER TRAINING.  Since I was not getting enough sleep at night my body was not getting the required amount of rest to adequately heal and repair.

 My findings on the Gel:

  • 2nd week- I no longer required my naps and had a notable increase in ENERGY
  • 3rd week- I noticed an increase in my muscle growth (my butt came back)
  • 4th week – I noticed a tightening of my skin – Belly and Butt – also knees
  • 5th week I saw an increase in my facial volume. My skin discoloration is improving and acne has seriously dimminished.  I also noticed the fine lines around my eyes and mouth have greatly improved and started to disappear (this could save me thousands in ineffective beauty products).
  • 6th week – I notice more improvements like nail, eyebrow, hair growth and health

I am a very health conscious person.  I watch everything I eat and drink but was still having major age related issues due to over doing it in my work, physical trainings and general stress.  Since I lead a healthier lifestyle and the foundation of my body had less overall damage I think my results could be faster than some users but honestly feel a majority of people that use SOMADERM HGH Gel will notice a difference within 4 weeks and start to see major changes in 2-3-4 months of use.

Is HGH Safe:

HGH Injectable replacement therapy can be dangerous without regular and proper medical supervision, with incorrect dosing, and improper guidance. Injectable doses provider higher more concentrated levels of the Human Growth Hormone making its risk much greater depending on the individual and their genetic structure.

Somaderm HGH Homeopathic Gel dispenses trace amounts of the Growth Factor in its dosing allowing your body to absorb, regulate and process it more efficiently.  Like any product on the market there are going to be people that should not take it or could have adverse reactions to it.  Therefore, consult your doctor or primary physician before undergoing or starting a new alternative therapy.

Persons who should not take HGH Gel are those with diagnosed Insulin fasting or insulin resistance.  Persons suffering with Type 2 diabetes should consult a physician before starting this product. Research shows IGF-1 is linked to increasing Insulin resistance whereas IGF1 has insulin-like effects that have also been found to reduce blood glucose levels and has been used experimentally to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


Overall I have seen amazing life changing benefits and changes in my body from using the Somaderm HGH Gel.  The changes will be different for every person because we are all so different.  Someone that is exercising, eating healthier and making better overall life and health choices will see faster changes than someone that is not making good choices and is not active.  Note: the changes are gradual and can take a few months to see significant changes .

Do the following when starting HGH Gel:

  • Use the recommended dose
  • Take doses first thing in the morning & again at night – if sleep is disturbed then take second dose in the afternoon
  • Tract your changes (discontinue use if you have adverse reactions)
  • Start making healthier choices, exercise, yoga, breathing, meditation…..
  • Be patient – there are NO magic pills – this product is truly amazing but remember we have created decades of damage and that is not reversible overnight

 For more information I have linked NewULife’s HGH Homeopathic Gel Sodaderm product information and research guide.  If you have any questions/interested in trying this product/ selling this product, then please contact me.

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