The Last Nutrition Program You'll Ever Need!

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The Last Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need

Have you tried every diet and program out there in order to lose weight and feel healthier but nothing has worked? Does it seem that no matter how focused and determined you are to make a necessary changes, nothing seems to stick? I am here to tell you that it is not your fault!

The secret that no one wants you to know is that diets don’t work! Why? Because they are focused on short-term behavioral changes that are unsustainable and don’t take your unique needs into account.

The 21 Day Reboot program is a comprehensive guided nutritional program that puts the knowledge in your hands!

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Learn in simple terms the science-backed, research-based changes you need to change your nutrition and improve your total wellbeing.

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These simple changes can make huge differences in your weight, health, and happiness. Experience increased energy, better sleep, and overall better health in the first week of the program.

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Learn in simple terms the science-backed, research-based changes you need to change your nutrition and improve your total wellbeing.

What's Included


Learn from the Best

Shannon Sims has been researching the impact that food and nutrition have on our bodies and overall wellbeing for over twenty five years. Her goal for each person is to find the best version of themselves. Her mission is to help everyone discover and unleash their full potential.  She has a gift for creating a safe and supportive environment, allowing her students to tap into their inner strength and she brings passion and a sense of fun to all of her classes. With more than 25,000 hours of teaching yoga, fitness and wellness classes she understands that with the right knowledge everyone has the power to heal themselves. In addition to her passion for nutrition and wellness, Shannon is an experiences fitness instructor teaching yoga, barre, and aerial. Shannon is a lifelong learner and holds numerous training certifications including her E-RYT 500 from Yoga Alliance and has a background working in medical settings.

Reboot for Life

Access the 21 Day reboot program resources for life AND access to participate in the live programs as many times as you want, FOR FREE. We add new training content every month, so the value of this programs always increases.

Reboot and Discover:

  • Spot and avoid trigger foods
  • Learn how to use food to increase energy, clarity and total body health
  • Understand how to stop cravings and constant hunger
  • Increase Serotonin, lower cortisol and regulate your hormones
  • Discover your Physical and Emotional “Food Triggers”
  • Improve mood, sleep, hydration and so much more

Complete the Reboot and Achieve:

  • Significant Loss of weight & Body Fat
  • Increased Body Composition & Muscle Mass
  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Improved & Restorative Sleep
  • Reversal of Aging (Wrinkles, age spots)
  • Improvement & Reversal of Medical Issues 
  • Optimal Health
  • Improved Mood & Satisfaction of Life
  • Memory, Clarity and Cognitive Function 
  • Improved Hair, Nails and Skin

21 Day Reboot Works, Just Ask our Participants

Still have questions? We're here to help!

I don’t use complex terminology that’s hard to follow. I’ve made this program simple, understandable, and accessible for everyone. Diets and rigid food restrictions only give temporary solutions and often lead to overeating and future weight gain. This is a fantastic program if you are just starting on your healthful eating journey. It is designed for long-term success, and you have lifetime access to all the material.

I’ve been researching food and nutrition for more than 25 years. Like you, I’ve tried countless other fad and miracle diets before finally discovering the science behind what is really causing our cravings and struggles around food. This program is different because it is not a diet!  It’s a sustainable solution to help you finally change your relationship with food so you can live the life you deserve. Just eliminating foods without understanding what ingredients are triggering your cravings means you will probably keep eating them. 

Our body’s goal for us is simple: we are designed for optimal health. Health is the state of being “free from illness or injury,” yet most of our population is suffering serious health issues and metabolic disorders. This program is appropriate for individuals with any food restriction or medical condition. It can be used in conjunction with other treatment plans. You can discuss with your medical provider how this might compliment other treatments.

We understand you have a busy life, and you are still focused and determined to make a change. That is why all of our coaching sessions are recorded so you can refer to them later. The many hours of pre-recorded content are available to you for life so you are able to look for specific topics that meet your needs in the moment. Remember, you have lifetime access to this program and can revisit it live every time we run a live event.

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When does the 21 day reboot start?

We run this program multiple times per year, so there’s always a chance to reboot when you’re ready. If you sign up today, you will have access to all of the training and historical resources immediately.

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